The Cowkeeper’s Wish

Tracy Kasaboski, left, and Kristen den Hartog

Welcome! We are sisters and co-authors of the book The Cowkeeper’s Wish, a family/social history that traces our gnarled English roots from the 1840s to the 1930s, and examines the lives of the working classes. Our posts on this blog (see the right-hand menus) are intriguing spin-off tales connected to the time and place of our story – explorations of music halls and workhouses, philanthropists and silent film stars, bootmakers and grave robbers, royalty and suffragettes, war ships and luxury ships, mental asylums and candy factories. If you share our curiosity for the Victorian, WW1, and Depression eras, click the Follow option to join us for these trips back in time. We promise to take you to unexpected places.

In other pockets on this site, you can read great reviews for The Cowkeeper’s Wish, and also find out about our first collaboration, The Occupied Garden, which follows our father’s family through WW2 Holland, and was selected as a Globe & Mail Notable Book that “hum[s] with authenticity.” Watch for a new edition of this book coming soon.

Check with your favourite independent bookstore to order a copy of The Cowkeeper’s Wish. See also:

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