Men of the Army Service Corps (ASC), cheering at a football match, Serbian Sector, Balkan Front, Christmas Day, 1916. © IWM (Q 32615)

“If you’re intrigued by history as seen through stories of ordinary (and yet not-so-ordinary) people and their family and local cultures, you’ll love … The Cowkeeper’s Wish: A Genealogical Journey, which I’m diving into for a second time while tracing the life of one of my own ancestors.” Allyson Latta

“A compelling tale. … The book was written by two sisters who delved into their family’s past with little more than a collection of yellowed photographs and a basic family tree – much like what the rest of us have when we begin our genealogical journey. The book is exceptionally well referenced … a very good read.” Queensland Genealogical Society

“Already the authors of a well-received family memoir, sisters Kasaboski and den Hartog meet this challenge head-on. … Throughout, the prose is graceful, the research meticulous.” Canada’s History Magazine

“Through comprehensive research and consummate storytelling, The Cowkeeper’s Wish is sure to thrill history aficionados, as well as inspire genealogists to delve deeper into their own ancestors’ lives.” Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers

“This very detailed book records the family’s struggles in Victorian London, and their descendant’s emigration to another London, that of Ontario, Canada. An excellently researched book, and a very readable one too.” Genealogists’ Magazine, Society of Genealogists

“…from the very first page, I was completely hooked and followed with great fascination this tale of a family against the backdrop of Victorian and Edwardian London. … this book really is a masterpiece of research and narrative.” Paul & Lucy’s Best Kept Secrets

“This family narrative is a massive tapestry, full of colour and life. … What makes this book stand out is the depth of research and the exceptional ability of the authors to weave their various strands into a cohesive account that immerses the reader in a time and place so different from our own. …While I borrowed this book from the library, I found it so valuable as both an example of family history writing at its best and as a history of the London area, I will be buying my own copy for my research shelf.” Teresa Eckford, Writing My Past

“This is the family history I wish I had written…. A combination of meticulous and genealogical research and fluid writing makes this a book that shouldn’t be missed. It is a perfect example of how both standard and unusual sources can be used creatively to allow us to imagine the details of our ancestors’ lives beyond the basic names and dates and places.” Marian Press, Toronto Tree (Ontario Genealogical Society, TO Branch)

“A true-life family biography that grips the reader with the passion of an engrossing novel…. The Cowkeeper’s Wish is riveting from cover to cover and highly recommended.” Mary Cowper, Midwest Book Review

The Cowkeeper’s Wish is, by far, one of the best-written family histories I have seen … a wonderfully written narrative covering nearly one hundred years.” Leland Meitzler, GenealogyBlog

“One can only imagine the amount of time necessary to research this book. Sisters Tracy Kasaboski and Kristen den Hartog certainly must be admired for tackling such a major project. … This is one journey that truly makes the reader honored to go along for the ride.” Shelf Life Magazine

“Starting with a few family stories, a collection of yellowed photographs, and a family tree, the sisters scoured archives, newspapers and maps to … trace their ancestors’ lives and write about them. The book is a good example of how to write a compelling family history. … The notes section at the end of the book listing the sources used is very comprehensive and an example to us all!” Jean Laidlaw, Cheshire Ancestor

“This book is not only the story of the Jones families, but also the story of London in transition from its gritty and murderous underside.” Bobbi King, Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

The Cowkeeper’s Wish is the story of a family but it is so much more. It is also the history of the times they lived through, a complex revelation of politics, music, food, fashion, and profound social changes.” Alison Watt, Dazzle Patterns

The Cowkeeper’s Wish is like a camera panning across decades of change, the rise and fall of families and the way fate and fortune conspire to create the present and the future . . . these fascinating family stories inspire us to ponder the many upstream tributaries that have transformed the rivers of our own lives.” Stephen R. Bown, Island of the Blue Foxes