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bugler iwm
Bugler, Scottish Women’s Hospital, Ostrovo, Balkan Front, September, 1916.© IWM (Q 32345).

If the logistics work, we’re happy to visit with readers and writers as well as history and genealogy groups. We speak on a variety of topics related to the book, and to the Victorian, Edwardian and WW1 eras. Our favourite subject is “Digging Up Stories,” in which we share some of the fascinating resources we used to create The Cowkeeper’s Wish. We give specific examples of where we found ancestors “wandering insane,” charged with crimes, dying in workhouses, and fighting in the First World War. We also discuss the family archive, and talk about how personal resources can be helpful in building a story. Participants are welcome to bring questions about their research subjects, as well as letters, photographs, and ephemera they’re using in their own work.

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