Kristen den Hartog

Since childhood, I knew I would be a writer. But there was a time, too, when I fancied myself an archaeologist, digging deep for treasures. I see a link between those two occupations now more than ever. As a fiction writer (Water Wings, The Perpetual Ending, Origin of Haloes, And Me Among Them), I’ve long created things; but as a non-fiction writer (The Occupied Garden, and now The Cowkeeper’s Wish), my aim is to find things. To dig them up and dust them off and solve their mysteries. Or perhaps, not solve them. I’m curious enough to search for answers down every possible avenue, but I love fragments and empty spaces too; the things that can never be known.

I live with my husband and daughter and two dogs in an old house in Toronto, where now and again we renovate and find relics in the walls.

thing in the walls